Jenny’s Story

“Jenny* has always had difficulty fitting in at school and this was reflected in her social relations and academic performance. Before PHILLIPS, she often expressed that adults at school did not understand or care about her. That has definitely changed — she often expresses how caring and supportive the teachers are and how much they help her.

Her grades are better than they have EVER been — even in elementary school. I think she is finally experiencing the academic success that I always believed she was capable of, which has been a big boost to her confidence. She used to say that she was afraid to grow up, because she didn’t feel she would ever be successful. Her hopelessness and despondency, and coupled with her feeling that no one cared about her, were crushing her.

Since she began attending PHILLIPS program, she has stated she no longer feels suicidal; in fact she actually talks about the future. The fact that she gets along so well with the teachers and staff gives her some hope that she will eventually be able to have healthy social relationships.

Although there is still work to be done, I appreciate the care, support, diligence and hard work that the teachers and staff at the PHILLIPS program provide. It is EXACTLY what Jenny needs.”

— Parent of student at PHILLIPS School ~ Laurel

*not her real name