PHILLIPS School ~ Laurel: A Menu of Services Built Around Each Student’s Needs

At PHILLIPS School ~ Laurel, we offer an intensive specialized educational experience with exceptional faculty and staff, highly individualized learning environments and small classes with low student-to-staff ratios. Our students benefit from programs customized to meet their specific needs and a variety of critical program features, including:

  • Curricula that meets the credit requirements for the local school systems of Maryland and DC High School diploma
  • Curricula to meet the criteria for Certificates of Completion (MD) or Certificates of Attainment or IEP (DC)
  • Curricula reflecting the standards of the referring state
  • State mandated assessments
  • Functional career and independent living curricula for those needing
  • Career education at all levels
  • Specially trained behavior and crisis staff
  • Related services including counseling and speech, occupational and physical therapy
  • Transportation (by referring county)
  • Intramural team sports (Metropolitan Athletic League)

As needs of the students call for, many very focused special programs are put in place. Examples may be:

  • Speech & Language
  • Counseling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Career Department
  • Behavior Department
  • Diploma/Certificate Options
  • Educational Technology
  • School-Wide Reading Programs

Wallace Henry, Program Director
8920 Whiskey Bottom Road, Laurel, MD 20723
301-470-1620 / 301-470-1624 (fax)