Family Partners

PHILLIPS ~ Family Partners helps families grow together by offering home and community-based counseling and behavior therapy, as well as family education and advocacy services.  Our clinical staff is comprised of a team of licensed mental health professionals, Board Certified Behavior Analysts and social workers, and counselors that provide comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs to address your family’s individualized needs.

Family Partners provides services to children and families of any age living in Northern Virginia.

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Home-Based Counseling, ABA, Outpatient Therapy, & Parent Education for Youth & Families

PHILLIPS ~ Family Partners helps families cope with and meet the challenges associated with their children’s individual needs.

Whether it be mental health, behavioral difficulties at home or school, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or adjustment to traumatic life events, children and their families count on the support of our expert staff to help them succeed.

PHILLIPS ~ Family Partners is a robust, proactive program designed to help families address behavioral issues that threaten their ability to keep the child at home.

We take a comprehensive systems approach to working with the child and family. Our services include but are not limited to case management, individual and family counseling, crisis management, behavioral programming and collaborative goal-setting to address specific family concerns.

Family Partners Services

  • Home-Based Services
  • ABA/Behavioral Therapy
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
  • Outpatient - Individual, Family, and Group Counseling
  • Parent Education
  • Autism Diagnostic Assessment (ADOS)- Coming Soon
  • Family Mentor Program

Family Partners Affiliations:

  • Licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  •  Virginia Association for Family Preservation (VAFP)
  • Local Human Rights Committee – Region 1
  • Northern Virginia Coalition of Private Provider Associations Serving Children and Families (NOVACO)
  • Center for the Study of Social Policy – Youth Thrive™

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download the family partners Home based services brochure

Family Partners has been nationally recognized as an exemplary initiative by the Center for the Study of Social Policy.


Client Family Stories

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Mary's Story

Mary* came to Family Partners with her son Kevin after a long period of instability within the family. Mary was in recovery from substance use and worked tirelessly to regain custody of Kevin through the court system. She faced significant trauma growing up and survived domestic violence during her relationship with Kevin's father. While she deeply cared for Kevin and wanted to ensure his safety, she needed to address her own substance use needs before becoming the mother she wanted to be. Kevin was exposed to multiple illicit substances while Mary was pregnant - Mary was unaware of her pregnancy for some time while she was using. Losing custody of her only child due to substance use was devastating. Mary decided to use her circumstances as motivation to fulfill what she believed to be her true purpose: to be a loving mom. When a counselor from Family Partners began working with Mary and Kevin it was clear that Kevin was still adjusting to living with his mom full-time. In utero exposure to substances had left him with struggles related to attention, focus, learning, and physical aggression multiple times each day. Mary was providing a nurturing home but felt both overwhelmed and ill-equipped to manage Kevin's needs. Within the first month of home-based counseling services the Family Partners counselor reviewed the family's strengths and needs. During a strengths assessment the counselor helped Mary identify what she was good at and how these traits combined to create a resilient individual. Past guilt, doubt, and anguish initially prevented Mary from truly internalizing these positive characteristics until one day she broke down in session. The counselor asked her to describe what she was feeling. With tears in her eyes Mary said she had never considered what she has to offer. After looking at her list of strengths, which the counselor had asked her to hang next to her mirror and read each day, she finally accepted her whole self.

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The Anderson Family

When services began, the entire family was in crisis as a result of their teenage son, Jake*, returning from a residential wilderness program.  Jake was resistant to services, refused to go to school, and treated the other family members in a rude, dismissive and often terrorizing manner. Phillips ~ Family Partners was able to put a counselor in place who was able to interact and effectively communicate with Jake on his level.  After many months of services, Jake was able to successfully identify the internalized struggle that he was dealing with as well as previous emotional pain that the rest of the family wasn't even aware of.  Jake successfully worked with the family counselor and his family members to create communication styles that worked effectively for the entire family and to mend the emotional injuries that had occurred in the past.  When services ended, the Anderson family had significantly less conflict, spent quality time together on a daily basis as much as they could, and were able to comfortably move to outpatient services with the client regularly attending school and following house rules with minimal issues.

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Krista's Story

When the FP counselor first began working with Krista*, a 16 year old, she was struggling with angry outbursts that led to self-harm behaviors and damaging items in her home. Krista shared with her counselor that she consistently had negative thoughts about herself; she wished she was someone else her family would "like better". Krista felt as though she needed to wear pink, listen to pop music and be "girly" in order for others to like her. Additionally, Krista's family was still holding onto pain they felt from Krista's anger towards them. After intensive individual and family work, Krista's self-esteem has vastly improved; she has made new friends and has chosen drawing and poetry as a way she can express her feelings. Krista's talents in these creative outlets continue to flourish. After processing feelings, perceptions and past events, Krista's family has been able to work through the difficult dynamics that led to conflict. Now, Krista's family has a goal of making one night a week "family night" in order for them to continue to create memories and strengthen their bond. In the past, Krista has had difficulty connecting with therapists, however, she has chosen to continue seeing the Family Partners therapist at a lower level of support, meeting twice a month in an outpatient setting. Her counselor will continue supporting this client as she grows, strengthens and discovers herself.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of PHILLIPS' families.



Carrie Clark, MSS, BCBA,LBA

Program Director

Rhea F. Caracosta, Ed.D, LPC, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor

Kerry L. Rojas, MSW

Compliance and Data Coordinator

Paula Patrick, MSW

Intake Coordinator

If you are interested in receiving any of the services listed above that PHILLIPS Family Partners provides, please visit our Family Partners referral page or call 703.658.9054 for more information.