Annual Campaign


Parents and caregivers tell us the same thing over and over, “For the first time we have hope for our child!”  And our youth share, “You didn’t give up on me!”

I have a special opportunity for you, to help change the lives of children, youth, young adults and families who are struggling to thrive in our community.

I am writing to let you know how much power you hold in your hands right now to continue life-changing good work right here in your neighborhood.

You have the power to change the outcomes for the youth who are facing barriers to living a full life. 


Any gift you send today will have a multiplicative effect on the lives of these children.


Your gift will enable us to provide programs that develop coping skills and strategies, vital soft and technical skills for future employment after high school, and placement in apprenticeships.

The Annual Campaign is PHILLIPS Programs top giving priority for individual donors, because it directly supports our greatest assets—our youth and staff. Dollars raised each year allow PHILLIPS to accomplish the following:

·         Build a hydroponic vertical farm and commercial kitchen to offer engaging curriculum that was recognized by an international foundation championing zero barriers to employment

·         Scholarships for young adults going on to community colleges and four year institutions – one of our graduates is a first generation to attend college completing his third year at an HBCU supported in part by our college scholarship fund

·         Purchase equipment for our innovative entrepreneurial 3D design and print program

·         Acquire chrome books which feature extraordinary apps to aid in learning and executive functioning

·         Offer emergency assistance to families in need; paying a utility bill, rent assistance, and basic life essentials


That is real impact.  


Your support will be put to use immediately.  Every dollar you donate multiplies in impact.  We are constructing another commercial kitchen at a second campus to offer culinary arts to more students; to provide assistive technologies to enable youth on the spectrum to communicate, engage and self-soothe and to provide equipment addressing the sensory needs of our youth.


Everything we do is fueled by your support.  Let me show you how it works.


How would you feel at seventeen having experienced nothing but failure in school?  Mark was doing the best he could with what he had available to him at the moment, but diagnosed with overall developmental delays in preschool, he fell behind with every passing year.


Though gifted with creativity, a talent for mechanical things and a great sense of humor, Mark struggled with writing and attention in elementary school.  By middle school he experienced increased difficulties completing work and began to fall behind in all subject areas; he became caught up in a self-perpetuating cycle of defeat because for some, failure in school triggers a stress response which results in behaviors in the classroom. Mark responded with increased hyperactivity, impulsiveness, defiance and eventually aggression. 


In high school Mark fell further behind, and his reactions became more often with more intensity. Once you are suspended, you are suspended again and again.  Finally, he was referred to PHILLIPS.


PHILLIPS provides learning environments that focus on success and that minimize the risk of failure through small classes, individualized attention that builds relationships and support, providing time and space to reinforce learning. He was placed in our Building Futures program where our youth spend part of the day on academics and part of the day constructing a new home.


Mark immediately presented a proclivity for carpentry! His first year at PHILLIPS he was very engaged in the half of the day on site building a house.  He loved the construction work and was good at it.   Mark attained and maintained Honor Roll his second year at PHILLIPS!  Imagine the look of pride on his parents faces at that assembly.  Mark was beaming.  He believed in himself!  Mark is studying for the OSHA exam. He hopes to become a carpenter and one-day land a union job.  He is on the path to a great future. 


Your support makes these programs possible. Make a one-time or recurring donation and help everyone in our community thrive.


Join with us.  Do what is needed to support youth with special needs.  Please give today.  INVEST in our youth.




Piper Phillips Caswell

President and CEO


P.S.  You provide long-term impact when you make a gift to provide special education, wrap around services and career and technical education to our youth.  Today, you have a special opportunity to do good that will have a multiplicative effect as time goes on.    Will you make your gift today?


Please click on INVEST and empower our children and youth with the tools and skills they need to thrive.