Annual Campaign


As families gather across the DMV to celebrate the holiday season, it is a time to pause and humbly give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy in this abundant community.  Among those things we are most grateful is our family.  Every parent wants the same things for their children:  emotional, physical and spiritual health; good friends, joy and a passion for learning.  Acceptance. Purpose. Hope. Love.  But for some parents many of those dreams seem out of reach.  Especially for parents whose children struggle with behavioral health needs.  That is why I am writing to ask you to support those families and help us provide the programs that help put their youth on a path to success.

FACT:  1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have, or will encounter a serious mental health challenge.

FACT:  70% of youth in state and local juvenile justice systems have behavioral health needs.

While these statistics are alarming, you have provided hope for the children and families who rely on our programs to beat these odds.  Your support has given each of our families the tools to overcome these challenges and to create a brighter future.

Last year, gifts from our Holiday Appeal supported our breakfast program; scholarships and Family Partners.

·         Every student in our schools start the day with a nutritious breakfast. 

·         Generous support enabled two students to receive scholarships.  These youth were the first in their families to attend post-secondary education programs. We are thrilled to share that Davontae is in his second year at Virginia State University and Tricia (pseudonym) is attending a local community college.

·         Jenny, a Family Partners client who was struggling with self-harm, social anxiety, depression and aggressive tendencies with her family members adopted positive coping strategies, better managed her depression and anxiety and utilized effective communication skills at home.  Thanks to intensive home-based services combined with support from her school and family, she graduated!

Operating gifts provide essential program resources.  For example, the Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy department is seeking funds to purchase additional sensory toolkits.  Timmy arrived at PHILLIPS Programs as an 8 year old boy with Autism who had engaged in behaviors at school including aggression and elopement.  Timmy used a variety of tools including swings, weighted blankets, weighted balls, pressure vests, calisthenics, mini trampolines, and specialized headphones.  Eventually, Timmy was demonstrating the skills and behaviors to begin transitioning back to his public school part-time.  Today he is attending his public school full-time and enrolled in honor classes!

To help us ensure these positive results, please consider a generous gift of $25, $50, $100 or more to provide the programs and services that ensure a productive and meaningful future.

Supporting our youth is not only the right thing to do, it is the fiscally prudent choice.As outlined in a study led by Ronald Kessler, a Harvard professor of health care policy, the dividends paid by investing in our youth results in a tremendous return. The facts are clear:untreated or unresolved behavioral health issues in childhood and adolescence can result in enormous losses.Instead of developing their talents and skills to productively benefit the marketplace, those abilities are underutilized.This represents an economic cost in lost potential. Serious behavioral health challenges costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year.

That is why we are committed to ensuring that our youth are provided the resources they need to graduate from high school and develop marketable skills. And that is why we need your help.

In 2016 we created Career Partners whose goal is to provide targeted career and technical education (CTE) services to support youth to successfully transition from school to employment. Career Partners’ CTE programs provide the social, behavioral, academic and vocational skills for success through a strength based individualized approach. Career Partners continues the PHILLIPS tradition of building programs around the student rather than having the student fit into a program. Career Partners offers job training yielding multiple career pathways in the construction trades, 3D design and print as a gateway to the IT field, and the newest offering focused on culinary arts paired with urban agriculture. The new facility cost $900,000.  We need to close the gap by raising $84,153.   A one-time gift of $500, $1,000, or more would bring us closer to completing this project!  Gifts of $2,500 and above will be prominently recognized with signage in our building.

You can provide the gift of HOPE.  Please make your secure gift online by clicking the DONATE button below.  Our children and families are relying on you.

With gratitude,


President and CEO