Growing a Bright Future

Growing Futures’ Farm to Table model is a hands on experiential program encompassing both culinary arts training in a state of the art commercial kitchen, and training in an indoor hydroponic vertical farm growing and harvesting fresh ingredients such as herbs, vegetables and microgreens all year long.


Growing Futures students:

  • Earn ServeSAFE certification

  • Build technical & academic skills required for employment in the food service industry

  • Develop soft work skills, critical thinking & problem solving

  • Participate in internships with local employers

  • Receive mentoring & support in job placement.

Growing Futures youth gain confidence and competence culminating in employment. Through participation in entrepreneurial activities and authentic work experiences, youth thrive as they develop marketable career skills, acquire health & wellness practices and gain an understanding of sustainability practices with earth’s natural resources    

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Snip Snap Sauté

Snip, Snap, Sauté is a food delivery service that is rooted within our Culinary Arts & Urban Agriculture program.  The Culinary Arts curriculum teaches students the foundational food service skills needed for ServSafe Certification while Snip, Snap, Sauté gives them an opportunity to reinforce these classroom skills by applying them to real-world situations.  The combination of classroom learning and real-world scenarios gives PHILLIPS Culinary Arts students a unique way to apply their hospitality knowledge, gain confidence and ultimately become employed and productive young adults. For more information, please contact the Culinary Arts Coordinator: or call 301-4760-1620.


For more information, please contact...

Sarah Headley-Boyd, M.A.

Program Director, PHILLIPS School ~ Laurel

Phone: 301.470.1620


Lindsay Harris, Ed.S.

Director of Career Partners

Phone: 703.941.8810