Lindsay Harris

ED.S., Director of Career Partners

Lindsay once biked across the country. As she pedaled through sunshine and showers, into headwinds, up hills and through long lonely stretches of green fields from Virginia to California she was forever impressed by the diversity of people and the vast richness of our country.

One becomes intimately familiar and appreciative of what makes America singularly individual from the pace of a bike ride.  From patiently cycling up the winding hills of Appalachia to spending hours staring at a far-off corn silo or the flat farmland of the Midwest one has the time to digest every blade of grass and snippet of conversation.

People stopped their cars along long hot stretches of highway and offered a cool drink of water or a yard to camp in.  She shared many meals in the homes of strangers who became friends by the meal's end.  Bicycling for hours a day brings a newfound capacity for consuming large amounts of food at every small town diner.  A delightful accompaniment to local fare included conversation with the colorful folks who lived and worked there.

That experience, along with decades of working with youth with disabilities, is immediately apparent in an approach to programming based on a sense of adventure, resourcefulness, appreciation for individual’s strengths, and most of all kindness.  No matter what a student presents, we can find a strategy, a solution, a vehicle for success.

Lindsay has worked at PHILLIPS as well as other non-profit agencies over the past 3 decades in the areas of education, transition, program management and development.  She holds a Masters and an Education Specialist degree in Transition Special Education from George Washington University (GWU).  She has served as an adjunct professor at GWU, has published several articles and served as a board member with PEATC.

Her favorite quote is “I always treat people the way I want to be treated,” she loves the Fab Four (aka the Beatles) and prefers to spend her free time outdoors either hiking or camping in the woods, sailing at the beach and relaxing with family and friends and can be found centering herself through  yoga.