What defines an organization, typically the mission and its values, is the actual practice on a day-to-day basis that creates the stories that reflect the core of an organization.
— Piper Phillips Caswell, President & CEO of PHILLIPS Programs

Several years ago, just as I returned to PHILLIPS as the President and CEO, the New York Times published an article titled The Stories That Bind Us by Bruce Feiler.

He examined resiliency in families and how generational knowledge and traditions create a dynamic that binds the family, whether good or bad things happen. Comparably this phenomena is also observed in some military groups when the emphasis is on building up identity.

Jim Collins, the well-known author of Good to Great and a management expert told Feiler “that successful human enterprises of any kind, from companies to countries, go out of their way to capture their core identity. In Mr. Collins’s terms, they “preserve core, while stimulating progress.”

The stories that we have lived and told over the last 50 years have bound us as a community; staff, students and clients, families and all we interact with.
— Piper Phillips Caswell, President & CEO of PHILLIPS Programs

Inspired by the Feiler article, we began to collect the stories that are told daily at PHILLIPS about the tremendous progress and the hardships that our clientele encounter and record them.

This year as we celebrate 50 years of service throughout the D.C. region and are reflecting on what has made us a successful organization these stories inform us and provide a unifying narrative, the stories that bind PHILLIPS.

I hope you find them compelling. Thank you for being a part of the PHILLIPS family and advocating for all people with behavioral health needs and disabilities.