Annual Report 2008-2009

PHILLIPS Programs’ 2008-2009 year was a challenging one in many ways. As the economy tightened the budgets of our referring jurisdictions, we began to feel the repercussions in our operational planning. At the same time, however, the youth referred to us were both more challenged by the severity of their disabilities as well as more challenging to serve. Simply, we have learned to do more with less. During this year, the PHILLIPS Board of Trustees and staff met all the challenges both in fiscal management and in service provision. PHILLIPS is strong, vibrant and prepared for the changing and uncertain times.

Due to the inevitability of fiscal pressures continuing, perhaps even increasing, PHILLIPS will be relying increasingly on the interest and support of its community of donors. Toward that end, in 2009 the board and staff developed a plan to increase the fundraising efforts and public presence of PHILLIPS.

The future is uncertain, but the mission and dedication of PHILLIPS are clear. There is no uncertainty about the need for PHILLIPS in the lives of so many children and families.

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