Annual Report 2009-2010

2009-2010 Annual Report For PHILLIPS Programs, the 2009-2010 year was exciting, challenging and rewarding altogether. In June, the PHILLIPS trustees and staff were thrilled to receive the Washington Post 2010 Award for Nonprofit Excellence in Management. The award highlighted many areas including staff development and risk management.

During this year, excellence in leadership and oversight by board and staff was critical in facing the challenges the economy continued to place on the organization and its programs. Lack of increase in fees, decrease in referrals and other pressures stemming from state and local economies were an unfortunate constant theme of the year. However, foresight and proactive measures have kept PHILLIPS strong and vibrant.

Our donors have been so loyal, for which we are most appreciative. Out of necessity, we have increased and broadened our fundraising strategies and are most thankful that this area of support is growing. Due to the inevitability of fiscal pressures continuing, perhaps even increasing, PHILLIPS will be relying increasingly on the interest and support of its community of donors.

The rewarding part of this past year has been the many warm and wonderful stories of children thriving at PHILLIPS when before they were lost, as well as parents knowing that they have finally found the help they have needed. “When my child first started at PHILLIPS,” says one of our parents, “I was so worried about him, but now his future is so bright. I don’t worry about his future now because of PHILLIPS School. The teachers and other staff work as a team and that makes PHILLIPS strong.”