Permanency in the Lives of Children

Permanency in the lives of children in foster care can often be an elusive outcome. However, those that do find permanency either through returning to their families or being adopted fare better, as you can imagine. Our goal at PHILLIPS Teaching Homes (PTH), our therapeutic foster care program, is to find permanency for our children in foster care. Right now we are celebrating just such an outcome. Three children, siblings, aged 5, 7, & 8 were just adopted by their PTH foster parents and we are delighted for the new family, a forever family. The children, 2, 4 & 6 upon arrival , presented with challenges coping, they were withdrawn, had difficulty maintaining attention, were clingy and  had anger management issues. The team immediately set out to work with the children by providing them with treatment interventions. Slowly the children began to show progress in their social and emotional functioning both at school and home.

Kimberly, 9, Keisha, 7, and Deion, 5 (not their real names) have now lived with the Hubbard family for over three years. Attempts to reunite them with their biological family were not successful, however PTH has worked closely with the biological mother and have engaged her in the process, a best practice for all parties involved. With her consent, the children officially joined the Hubbard family earlier this month. Their experience of having a safe, stable and nurturing home life for the past three years is now a permanent outcome.

We want to recognize the outstanding dedication that the Hubbard’s have demonstrated for over 25 years of being foster parents in the PHILLIPS Teaching Homes program. During this time they have provided a loving home to over 20 other foster children. It is parents like this that make a difference!

If you or someone you know has a loving home and is committed to children and youth, please contact Ms. Ana Sierra for more information about becoming a foster parent. She may be reached at 703/941-3471, ext. 169.