PHILLIPS Annual Report

PHILLIPS Program’s history is based on “taking the road less traveled,” through the creation of services that pave the way for youth with disabilities to have opportunities to be a part of their community. For over 42 years, the PHILLIPS staff, families and volunteers have responded, in partnership with our communities, to address unmet needs. For PHILLIPS, the 2010-2011 year was a time of change and preparation for a new journey as Sally Sibley, the President and CEO announced her plans for retirement. PHILLIPS, known as a leader in the community, once again embraced this opportunity to help Sally and the organization begin to take the road less traveled. Also, this year brought growth and expansion to PHILLIPS as we introduced our newest program, PHILLIPS Building Futures. PHILLIPS Building Futures provides students extensive hands on vocational training and the opportunity to attend school in a nontraditional manner. Central to the program are the marketable job skills and successful work experience the students receive. Though I have just been with PHILLIPS since October 2011, I have quickly learned that despite years of flat funding and budget cuts, the staff here continues to give and give and give. Their dedication is a testament to the values that guide our programs and mission. By integrating these values into every aspect of our work, those who walk through our doors experience a society that Dr. E. Lakin Phillips, our founder, spoke about when he said “Our society should be judged by its concern for the quality of life for all its members without exception.”

As we enter into a new year, PHILLIPS feels prepared to continue to make a difference by creating new opportunities for our children and families as we help them on their journey to respect, acceptance and personal achievement. This would not be possible without the continued support of our donors and local community. Thank you for your dedication and we look forward to what we can accomplish together in the coming year!

Kevin M. Boyce; Chairperson Nancy M. Mercer, LCSW; President & CEO

I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference. — Robert Frost

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