PHILLIPS Building Futures

PHILLIPS Programs Announces New Program
PHILLIPS Building Futures ~ Laying the Foundation for Success!

(Annandale, VA) PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families is excited to announce its newest program, PHILLIPS Building Futures.  PHILLIPS Building Futures provides students extensive hands on vocational training and the opportunity to attend school in a nontraditional manner. “We help students to a better future through hands-on job skills,” says Robert Jackson, PHILLIPS Building Futures ~ Fairfax Vocational Instructor.

PHILLIPS Building Futures operates at two locations within Fairfax and Loudoun County. Students will develop an understanding of the construction of residential homes, the use of basic hand tools and power tools, and how to work in a structured job-training program. Vocational training may include construction design, carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, and other aspects of home construction and repair. Central to the program are the marketable job skills and successful work experience the students receive.

Previously, the Fairfax program has renovated three houses and built six new homes, which sold, while the Loudoun program works to renovate The Freedom Center, located in Leesburg, VA. PHILLIPS acquired the program from the Leary School after their programs closed this year. In the near future the program will be focused on smaller renovations at the Fairfax location and continuing renovations at The Freedom Center at the Loudoun location. The results of the Building Futures program benefit the larger community through the actual renovation projects and providing these students with practical job skills they can utilize in the local workforce.

PHILLIPS Programs currently serves students from the across the Washington, DC metropolitan area and PHILLIPS Building Futures hopes to attract new students from surrounding areas including Clarke, Fauquier, Frederick, Montgomery, Alexandria, Arlington, Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun counties. For more information about PHILLIPS Building Futures contact PHILLIPS at 703-941-8810.

Admission Process: Most children are enrolled in PHILLIPS Schools by their public school system. Usually the admissions process is as follows:

  • Parent and County personnel discuss placement options at the IEP meeting
  • PHILLIPS receives referral file
  • PHILLIPS calls parent(s) to arrange free interview
  • Admissions team reviews child’s history
  • Parents and/or guardians attend interview with child (required)

If you believe that PHILLIPS may be an appropriate setting to meet your child’s needs, please call 703-941-8810 and refer to admissions. Please indicate your prefernce for the Fairfax or Loudoun location.