PHILLIPS Teaching Homes Celebrates the Season!

PHILLIPS Teaching homes (PTH), a therapeutic foster care program serving the Northern Virginia area from Fredericksburg to Alexandria gathered on Saturday, December 3 to celebrate the holidays in the Betsy Ross room at the Mount Vernon Inn on Saturday afternoon. Over 40 children, youth and foster parents gathered to enjoy great food, conversation and community. PTH was established in 1979 and is focused on developing a community of teaching homes to support children and youth who are in need of short and long-term therapeutic foster care services.

“Our focus is to get these kids and young adults in and out of the ‘system’ as quickly and thoughtfully as possible,” shares Shaneen Alvarez, PTH Program Manager. What she means by this is the PTH is focused on the principals of reunification and permanency. Children, youth and parents thrive in homes where they know that the relationships matter and everyone get support they need to ensure success. Within PTH the multiple “placement” mentality and “finding a bed for the night” to get kids out of crisis is replaced with having a community of trained parents and families ready to “be there” for a child or children when the crisis hits.

That sunny Saturday afternoon the Betsy Ross room was filled with Teaching Parents who have gone through extensive assessments, a home study process, orientation and receive ongoing supervision and training to support children and youth with disabilities who live in their homes. Additionally, through monthly group meetings the parents have the opportunity to build a community of support with one another and can provide each other with respite as well as friendship. The children and youth are provided with the same opportunities to build relationships, life skills and personal goals as they overcome the challenges and trauma associated with abuse, neglect and loss.

PTH credits diversity as one of the program’s greatest strengths. The team of professionals and PTH families represent many different cultural heritages, as do the children and youth the program serves. The afternoon couldn’t have occurred if it hadn’t been for the families who have invested so much time; the PTH staff who work around the clock to support, guide and nurture; and LS Technologies, headquartered in Tyson’s Corner, a community business partner who provided the financial donation to underwrite this very special luncheon.

Mr. Bethea a long time Teaching Parent and recently new adoptive father was so impressed with the afternoon. His eyes twinkled as he smiled and addressed the PTH staff, “It’s like the song says…I love the way you do the things you do…” Mr. Bethea, PHILLIP’S would like to echo that back to you—“We love the way YOU do the things you do, thank you for opening your heart and your home!” to learn more about PTH or to become a PTH family contact Latonya Calloway 703-941-3471, ext. 169.

Thank you to LS Technologies for their generous donation to support PTH this holiday season!

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