Ages 8 - 21, Grades 3 - 12

At our Laurel campus we offer highly individualized learning environments, social skills training and practice, individualized and integrated related services including counseling, speech and language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, career and technical education curricula, and authentic job opportunities in the community along with crisis prevention through a strengths-based approach.

We serve students ages 8-22, grades 3-12 from Maryland and Washington, D.C.


At PHILLIPS, We Nurture the Potential In Every Child.

At PHILLIPS School ~ Laurel, we offer an intensive specialized educational experience with exceptional faculty and staff, highly individualized learning environments and small classes with low student-to-staff ratios. Our students benefit from programs customized to meet their specific needs and a variety of critical program features, including:

  • Teachers and assistants in small classes

  • Curricula meeting credit requirements for a high school diploma (DC, MD)

  • Curricula to meet the criteria for Certificates of Completion (MD) or Certificates of Attainment or IEP (DC)

  • Curricula reflecting the standards of the referring state

  • Reading interventions

  • Speech and Occupational therapists

  • Behavior specialists, crisis staff, and counselors

  • Family support services

  • Career and technical education

  • State-mandated assessments

  • Intramural team sports

  • Transportation (by referring county)

We are:

  • State-approved to serve students ages 8 - 21, grades 3 - 12, with:

    • Specific Learning Disability

    • Emotional Disability

    • Autism

    • Intellectual Disability

    • Multiple Disabilities

  • Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education

  • Approved for placement by the District of Columbia

  • Member, Maryland Association for Non-Public Special Education Facilities

PHILLIPS ~ Growing Futures Program

At our Laurel campus, offering a

culinary arts & urban agriculture

career & technical education program.

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Sarah Headley-Boyd, M.A., Program/Education Director

Renee Flowers, M.S., Education Supervisor

Dana Bell, LCSW-C, Clinical Services Supervisor

Tameka Champ, Admissions

8920 Whiskey Bottom Road, Laurel, MD 20723 301-470-1620 / 301-470-1624 (fax)



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