Piper Phillips Caswell

President & CEO

If you want to know what drives Piper, ask her about her favorite student quote, “They never gave up on me.”  This sums up what students and their families experience at PHILLPS.  Education was in Piper’s blood, even as a third grader when she converted a back yard garden shed into a school-house for neighborhood children younger than she was.  Dubbed “The Peter Piper School” she delighted in teaching the children – especially helping a child with cerebral palsy and another with a learning disability.  Every child needs a champion, and Piper has always been most attracted to those children with significant social, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Piper brings 40 years of experience improving the lives of people with behavioral health and developmental disabilities through her diverse work as an educator, school administrator and program director. Her agenda is motivated by her commitment to social justice and equal access to services. She has served on numerous boards including PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families, MANSEF and DCASE, Families for Private Adoption and Families Adopting Children Everywhere. 

In 2013 Piper was appointed President and CEO of PHILLIPS Programs after serving on the Board of Trustees for 14 years.  PHILLIPS has always been a trailblazing program.  Looking towards the next 50 years, she is committed to advancing career and technical education for youth and young adults with behavioral health issues in order to end the cycle of poverty and unemployment for this population.  Piper earned her BA from George Washington University and her MS from Johns Hopkins University. When not at work, Piper loves baking, biking, all things Paul McCartney and the south of France.