Trixie Herbert

Chief Operating Officer

Trixie loves to travel and immerse herself in diverse cultures through food tours.  By exploring a cultures’ foods one gains a deeper understanding of a new place. She not only visits restaurants and markets sampling a variety of fare while sharing meaningful connections with the proprietors, bakers and chefs, she also takes classes when available in order to witness the passion with which a special food is prepared and shared.  While in Paris she experienced the variety of offerings in the Marais Market – including the chic new rage – black baguette’s made with a touch of charcoal.  In London’s Borough Market she sampled sausage rolls, Scottish eggs, moist codfish and chips and the indulgent custard doughnuts from Bread Ahead.

Trixie’s favorite quote is “Life is too short, so make every moment count.”  This philosophy is always present and underlies her ability to lead countless committees and projects as Chief Operating Officer of PHILLIPS Programs.

Trixie served as Interim President and CEO of PHILLIPS for one year, overseeing the 5 different educational/human services programs of the organization.  From 2001-2012 Trixie served as Director of Finance.  Prior to joining PHILLIPS Trixie worked in corporate accounting for Cuisine Solutions and Vie de France. These positions combined her professional expertise with her passion for the culinary arts.  A little known fact is that she trained to be a pastry chef.

Trixie is a volunteer on the St. Ambrose Finance Committee.  When not a work, Trixie loves baking, laughing and enjoying a circle of good friends, listening to music that fits the mood and her annual trip to the Philippines.  She received her BA in Business Management from the Ateneo de Manilla University.  She received her Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Georgetown University.