Family Services

Home-Based & Therapy Services for Youth & Families

PHILLIPS Family Partners is a robust, proactive program designed to help families address behavioral issues that threaten their ability to keep the child at home.

We take a comprehensive approach to working with the child and family, and our services include case management, family counseling, psychiatric treatment as needed and collaborative goal-setting to address specific family concerns. Services include:

Program Services:

Home Based Services

  • Crisis intervention
  • Help the family identify needs
  • Transition for a child returning from a hospital, residential, or foster care program
  • Early intervention services
  • Attachment training
  • Anger and stress management
  • Behavior management
  • Parent education
  • Wraparound services and coordination
  • Independent living skills or training
  • Develop goals that advocate for the needs of the child at school and other agencies

Autism & Developmentally Delayed Support Services

  • ABA therapy
  • Behavior modification program development
  • Sensory integration

Supervised Visitation: Develop and implement a visitation plan with the family

Outpatient Individual and Group Counseling

In-Home Respite Care



Other Program Details

  • Addressing such issues as autism, Aspergers Disorder, poor communication skills and serious behavioral issues including aggression
  • Referrals typically come from state agencies and schools
  • Alternately, families themselves may also refer a child, with payment based on a sliding scale
  • Services typically provided in six-month cycles including intake, treatment plan development, 30-day assessment and follow up


Please contact Sandy Porteous at 703-658-9054.