Annual Giving Campaign


Dear Friends,

Thank you for being a champion of the youth and families we serve.  As we celebrate 50 years of service, I am fortunate to be able to rely on friends like you who are committed to our mission.  You are part of a special community that believes that every person is worthwhile and opens your heart to those who are easy to ignore.  A parent recently wrote, “Hope. You give our children and we parents hope. What seemed impossible before is possible with hope and PHILLIPS.

These are powerful words because hope changes everything. Last years’ gifts played a vital role in the lives of many by funding scholarships for two PHILLIPS graduates, one attending Virginia State University and one the Art Institute of Washington. Both students have transitioned successfully and we plan to extend the scholarship offerings next year with your generous support.  In our Food for Thought program 278 free breakfasts and 135 free lunches were provided every school day! Students cannot learn when hungry.  Your support enabled Family Partners to help keep a family out of homelessness, assisted another family keep the lights on by paying a past due bill, and assisted a parent who has been unemployed fill their car with gas, so they could get to a new job and get back on their feet.  You gave them hope.

 Your continued gifts provide support to youth with behavioral health needs. 

What are some of the challenges our youth face?  John (pseudonym) had an extensive history of school refusal accompanied with oppositional and aggressive behaviors in the home, school, and community. His parents and siblings reported being concerned and scared of John’s negative behaviors. John was resistant to home-based services and even aggressive towards Family Partners workers at times.  However, his counselors were patient and met John on his terms, which helped develop a strong rapport and trusting relationship. Counselors guided John and his family to identify goals, objectives, and strategies to improve overall functioning. His family developed safety and behavior plans to improve structure and routines in his life. John was eventually able to make it to school and slowly increase time spent at school until he was attending every day for the entire day. John has also been successful at slowly increasing his work load at school and improving grades. John has learned and demonstrated the ability to utilize appropriate communication skills with authority figures and advocate for himself. Finally, John and his entire family have been successful at learning healthy communication skills in the home and improving family dynamics.

This year we are asking you to continue helping us keep our promise by supporting Food For Thought, Scholarships and Family Partners.

Food For Thought provides breakfast and lunch every school day. Our Scholarship Fund enables graduates to reach the dream of higher education — often the first in their family to attain that goal! Family Partners helps families grow together by offering home and community-based counseling and behavior therapy, as well as family education and advocacy services.

What does it mean to live with behavioral health needs?

As with most of our clients, Helen (pseudonym) came to PHILLIPS Family Partners after a crisis where she required psychiatric hospitalization. At the time, Helen was 16 years old and had been cutting herself for several years; she also had a history of depression and anxiety, especially related to school. There were times she was barely able to attend school successfully despite her intelligence.

PHILLIPS Family Partners counselors collaborated with an intensive care coordinator to first establish Helen’s safety in the home. Helen’s parents were open to participation in any services that could help Helen. Along the way, they shared their own resilience, optimism, and humor with the PHILLIPS counselors. The family engaged in not only intensive in home services with PHILLIPS but also in Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills groups for teens and parents, in addition to other mental health supports on a weekly basis. Helen’s parents utilized the counselors as support to build their own skills in positive parenting, validation, and communication. With the help of medication and intensive therapy, Helen was able to gradually improve her ability to regulate emotions so that she no longer needed to cut herself. She was open to practicing skills in therapy for mindfulness and mood management. At the time of discharge, Helen was once again participating in family occasions (and enjoying herself!) as well as seeing friends and successfully attending school.

Please join me today by making a difference by sending a tax deductible year-end gift to provide access to the education, skills and services our youth and families need to regain trust and develop resilience. Your generous gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will allow us to continue our crucial work and provide the touch of human kindness that gives our families hope.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift.  I am truly grateful.

Please consider celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a donation to provide the gift of hope!

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Your support can contribute to making a difference in the following ways:

$10,000 pays for five students to attend a community college after graduation.

$5,000 allows us to fill the gap, guaranteeing a continuum of services. Family Partners routinely provides services to clients who are in crisis before their funding is approved. Sometimes clients receive weeks of services which can run $500 per week before approval. These hours have to be written off therefore PHILLIPS has to raise about $100,000 annually to fill the gap. Family Partners provides their services knowing they will not be reimbursed because a client in crisis must receive therapies otherwise the crisis can escalate.

$2,500 – feeds three PHILLIPS students breakfast and lunch for the entire year. The Food for Thought program helps alleviate economic hardships of students’ families and helps meet their unique, special needs.

$500 delivers groceries for five families during our two week winter break.

$100 covers utilities, prescription medications and medical bills for our families who often struggle to maintain long term housing.

$50 feeds two students breakfast and lunch for a week.

$25 provides gas cards and toiletries for our families.

Kindly consider a monthly donation which will support our programs all year long.

To make a difference today, make your fully tax-deductible gift to PHILLIPS Programs online or by mailing your gift to: PHILLIPS Programs, Attn: Development Office, 7010 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22302.

As we prepare for the holiday season, thank you for remembering our children and families.  Together our dollars will add value to a child’s life and priceless meaning to our community. 


Piper Phillips Caswell
President & CEO