3D Design & Print Curriculum

offered as a high school cte course at our annandale & fairfax schools. 

saturday classes available to youth in the community.

  • Learn to utilize 3D computer assisted design software to create and print 3D objects

  • Showcase/unleash their creativity by taking an idea through the design process and transforming it into a 3D object

  • Gain confidence in their talents and build resiliency by understanding that "Failure is Not Final"

  • With positive support and modeling from the instructors, engage in problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for any career

  • By the end of the course, have a portfolio of designs to showcase their new skills and talents

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One of the reasons I enjoy coming to 3D printing is that I already have the ideas that I want to put down. I’ve always had these designs that I wanted to implement. However, until recently, I lacked the means and the resources to actually make them a reality. Now I possess both.
— PHILLIPS Student